What You Can Expect

Comprehensive Property Evaluation
We will evaluate your property for landscape and architectural features, existing light sources, and the placement of improvements including driveways and walkways.

Professional Design
To get the best effect from your lighting it takes more than placing some fixtures around your home and lawn. The art of lighting design is just that, an art. Knowledge of design principles including spatial placement within architectural and landscape elements is essential to achieving your desired lighting effect.

All-inclusive installation service
We will provide all of the products and services required to complete your lighting project, from the lighting fixtures to the electrical contractor.

Quality Materials
You want and deserve quality products that will stand the test of time. We use only the best quality products available for your specific application.

Periodic Maintenance
Services at INARAY extend beyond design and installation. To help keep your home’s lighting at its best, we offer routine maintenance by trained technicians. You choose a schedule to suit your particular needs.

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