What Others Say About Us

“The moon light looks AWESOME! I’m glad we decided to have it put in.
Reminds me of fun and dramatic top lighting from my design days!”

Cary Street, Va


“Excellent design and a quality installation—you did an outstanding job and we are most satisfied with our job”
Darden Baines
Governors Land
Williamsburg, VA

“In choosing INARAY you are provided the opportunity to experience the result of true craft—presented by a unique combination of education, talent and experience”.
C. Thomas McLees, MD
Manakin Sabot, VA

“iNARAY Design Group, Inc. has shown us what a tremendous difference the right exterior illumination plan can make for a home. This design has given our home the “curb appeal” that was totally missing at night.
Todd created a thoughtful, carefully prepared lighting plan for our home after consulting with us. He integrated our lighting requirements that the lighting be subtle, accenting certain landscape features and highlighting our driveway. The installation was professionally done and unobtrusive .
We couldn’t be more pleased with the final result which merged his practical advice with our vision. We have received numerous compliments on our landscape illumination and can heartily recommend INARAY Design.”
Dr. Bill & Lisa Brand
Mooreland Farms
Richmond, VA

INARAY designed an exterior lighting plan that integrated our interest in lighting with the landscape and architecture of our home. We were concerned that it might be too bright but were pleased to learn that lighting can be done subtly and tastefully. Our home is now warm and inviting and we are really happy with the results.
Bob & Kim Carter
Midlothian VA

Todd’s expertise in taking my vision for lighting my property, and making it a reality, was very impressive. The impact was immediate and beautiful. I was amazed at the transforming power of the right kind of lighting. It really enhanced my property. I highly recommend that you share your dreams and ideas with Todd and allow him to help you bring it to reality.
Donald L. Coleman
Richmond VA

The transformation you created with your artistry is magical.
Doug & Lou Anne Nabhan
Cary Street
Richmond VA

Blanche and I want to thank you for the excellent landscaping and lighting that you did for us at our home in Birkdale. The designs, workmanship and timeliness were exceptional. Please feel free to use our home as an example when appropriate.
FJ Glidewell
Chesterfield VA

I want to thank you for the fabulous job that you did for us. I can’t wait to have a party this spring and show off my lighting. I am sure that I will have requests for your name when everyone sees your work.
Gina Sedwick
Orange County, VA

Absolutely glad I did this. Thank you so very much for a beautiful job. I just stand outside admiring your work.
Martha Thomson
Richmond, VA

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