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Hanging lights and downlights provide a moonlight effect in smaller trees. They provide a broader pool of light than a pathlight, are obscured from view, and not easily damaged. These fixtures provide a natural-looking layer of light to the overall scene.

We’re big fans of the atmosphere that bistro lighting adds to a seating area! The bistro lighting pictured here is connected to a Lutron lighting control system. This allows our client to schedule times for the lighting to come on and off via the app. It also allows you to conveniently control the lighting using a switch at the back door rather than needing to go outside to manually adjust the lighting.

Outdoor speakers throughout the backyard planting boxes create even sound throughout the space.

Hidden, in-ceiling speakers are placed and then drywalled over for a seamless look and rich sound. Imagine having a party and seeing your guests look around for the source of the music!

This is what the invisible speakers look like after installation, before they are patched with drywall.

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