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How Much Lighting is Enough?

Most people assume that the number of lights on a property directly correlates to how bright the lighting is. But, when it comes to lighting your home, more lighting doesn’t necessarily mean it will be brighter. In fact, the opposite is often true. Also house paint is important, paint and light must to go together. […]

Windsor Farms Lighting Project: Interview with Designer Scott Moberly

When homeowners think of outdoor lighting they generally have two concerns. They want to make the appearance of their home more attractive, and they want to provide added security. Sure it’s easy to address the security issue by picking up a couple of floodlights from a big box store, but that’s not the way to […]

Welcome Spring with Fun Ideas for Outdoor Lighting

The dark days of winter are slowly succumbing to longer hours of daylight. As a little bit of spring fever sets in, it’s time to start thinking about spending more time outside on the porch, patio, in the yard, or garden. With the perfect space to enjoy a pleasant spring night, the right lighting is […]

Taking Landscaping Lighting to Dramatic Heights

Attractive landscaping is the result of hard work and creative design—so why do so many homeowners fail to realize their landscape’s full potential? A beautifully styled yard and home exterior can be a whole new world at night, yet they often remain lost in the dark or illuminated under ugly or insufficient lighting. The good […]

Taking Your Outdoor Lighting to Another Level With Dynamic LED Lights

Once prohibitively expensive for home use, Light-Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs are now one of the most affordable, energy efficient, and dynamic lighting options available. In recent years, self watering planter have exploded in popularity for an array of uses, including indoor and outdoor applications, horticulture, gardening, vehicle lighting, and much more. LEDs offer some of […]