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Tips for working with a Professional Landscape Architect

Planning, or re-planning your landscape can be as simple as a trip to the home improvement garden center and some creative thinking, but there are times when some professional help is in order.  Knowing when to get a licensed Landscape Architect involved, and what to expect from the relationship is a mystery to most home […]

Outdoor lighting solutions for farms, estates and stables

Outdoor lighting can be used to light up a path, set the mood for backyard parties or create a dramatic entry for your home.  For larger properties, such as wineries, estates, farms and horse stables, the landscape lighting system is provides both beauty and functionality at once.  Task lighting for work areas, specialty lighting for […]

How To Incorporate a Memorial Tree into Your Landscape

Planting a tree is a wonderful way to honor the memory of a loved one, or commemorate a special event in your family’s life.  As a living memorial, a tree provides a connection to future generations and helps preserve family ties.  As such, itsplacement and incorporation into your landscape should be thought-out to ensure its […]

Ten Tips Regarding Your Outdoor Lighting System

Outdoor lighting for your home is a wonderful way to illuminate your landscaping and home décor with a soft, beautiful glow that comes to life at the close of the day. One of the goals of adding outdoor lighting to your home landscape is to create a feeling of continuity between your home and your […]

Seasonal Maintenance Tips for your Landscape Lighting

    It’s that time of year when we start to spend more time outside, clear away the winter leaves and make room for spring.  For your landscape lighting, it’s the perfect time for a maintenance check-up.  Over winter, cabling can get pushed up out of the ground from freeze-thaw, or exposed by mulch being […]