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Home is a special place. It’s more than a structure; it’s where you enjoy life with your family and friends. It’s where memories are made.

Imagine – grilling steaks on a Friday evening, intimate gatherings on the back patio, or just the warm welcome of a nicely illuminated home.

INARAY has set the scene for evenings like this since 2002 and during that time, we’ve found a couple of really good ways to consider what’s involved in creating lighting scenes that set the tone. Over time they have become our two levels of design. We call them our “Custom Design” and “At Home Lighting Demonstrations”.

Read more about how we arrived at these two design services here.

No matter which fits you best, you will benefit from our experience and get the same remarkable results for your home.

At Home Lighting Demonstrations

At Home Lighting Demonstrations are designed to quickly let you see what difference lighting can make for your home and landscape.

Read more about what happens during an “At Home Lighting Demonstrations” here.

Custom Design

The Custom Design takes a more comprehensive or Holistic approach to the lighting considerations for you property. We take time to consider the role of a front porch light or post light. Should they be incorporated? Changed? Modified? Is there more than one design solution for a space? Which one is best? We address questions like these with an in depth approach and incorporate a design fee into the proposal.

Read more about what happens during a “Custom Design” here.

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