Patio And Deck Lighting

Patio and Deck Lighting

You family’s life extends beyond your back door. Appropriate lighting for your outdoor living spaces helps define your patio, outdoor kitchen, deck, pathways or fire pit. With more than ten years of experience in outdoor lighting solutions, INARAY’s team of professionals understands both the technical and aesthetic qualities of this unique type of lighting design.

Integrating lighting into outdoor structures and spaces is a task that must be well planned to be the most effective. Our outdoor kitchen, patio and deck lighting solutions team often works directly with hardscape contractors and carpenters to plan outdoor lighting systems that are installed seamlessly with the surroundings. Our goal is lighting that is discreet. For example, a deck lighting installation would integrate with the deck’s planned layout to create dimensional levels of light for multiple purposes.

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Understanding how the space will be used (as a patio, fire pit area, etc.) helps to determine the combination of ambient and task lighting that will best suit your needs. For instance, pathway lighting installation makes certain the path is clearly visible from both directions. And lighting for an outdoor kitchen would be customized for the layout. Carefully planned, task lighting that is bright enough for kitchen food preparation, paired with intimate lighting for deck gathering spaces set an atmosphere for entertaining, and perfectly cooked steaks.

To discuss your outdoor space, please contact us at (804) 368-3797 or fill out our contact form to schedule a site visit. We are happy to work with your plans before construction, or with existing spaces that need new or refurbished lighting. We also do landscape lighting installation to highlight gardens, trees and backyard greenery. INARAY’s Richmond-based designers will evaluate your specific needs and develop an outdoor lighting plan that fits your lifestyle.