Welcome Spring with Fun Ideas for Outdoor Lighting

The dark days of winter are slowly succumbing to longer hours of daylight. As a little bit of spring fever sets in, it’s time to start thinking about spending more time outside on the porch, patio, in the yard, or garden. With the perfect space to enjoy a pleasant spring night, the right lighting is necessary to extend that enjoyment into the nighttime hours. There are a lot of fun and affordable ways to create the perfect spring ambiance around your home. Three easy areas to focus on include your porch or patio, the yard or garden, and the architecture of your home.


Porch or Patio Lighting

To enjoy your porch or patio on your own or with a group of guests, you might need a little bit of light. Overhead lighting, wall lighting, and string lighting are three easy ways to light up a patio or porch and enjoy the spring air.

Overhead lighting can be achieved in many different ways. Recessed lights are great ideas for homes with a more modern look. If a traditional design is more desirable, hanging or pendant lights can provide a beautiful piece of décor as well as light by which to see. For warm nights, outdoor ceiling fan lights can provide a cool place to sit and enjoy the scenery. Dimmers can help you create the perfect lighting for just about any occasion.

Wall lighting is a beautiful way to dress up your front door or light the back patio. There are plenty of styles to choose from, including classic lantern designs or modern-style sconces. If you want a great way to frame the front door of your house, a wall light on either side of the door can create an inviting scene.

String lighting brings with it a sort of elegant, festive feel. They can look great around a porch, patio, or even strung overhead across outdoor fire pits or in the garden. Wall outlets are usually necessary if you choose to use string lighting, but you may also be able to get away with solar lights if outlets are problematic. LED string light bulbs will last longer in the end, but choose incandescent lights for a softer effect.

Yard or Garden Lighting

Little does more to create a feel of celebration than the right lighting in the yard or garden. In fact, pathway lighting, landscape lighting, and stairway lighting are great ways to show off the beautiful structure of your home and the land around it.

Pathway lighting not only looks beautiful, but helps let people know where to tread. It can be a great way to keep traffic off of your grass. For your front yard, symmetrical pathway lights can be an artistic way to show off the front of your home and point visitors toward the door.

Landscape lighting is a beautiful way to show off the landscaping of your home, including that flowerbed or garden that you are so proud of. Wherever you place your lights, you will want a well-thought plan in effect. Low-level lights are great for highlighting flowerbeds, but you will want to avoid placing lights in front of fast-growing plants that could obscure it over the spring and summer.

Stairway lighting is another beautiful-yet-functional idea to safely enjoy your yard or garden. During the nighttime hours, it may become difficult to see stair risers. A bit of strategic lighting allows you and your guests to see where the stairs are and avoid painful barks on the shins or tripping.

Architecture Lighting

Though the time for winter holiday lighting may be past, you can still show off the architecture of your home or beautiful pieces of art in your yard or garden with the right lighting. You can draw the eye to breathtaking parts of your home, such as the trim or texture of the exterior. For statues or sculptures, you can make sure they do not go unseen once the sun goes down. If you struggle with finding the perfect balance of architectural lighting, a professional may be able to give you some guidance.

Many people cannot wait to say goodbye to the gray days of winter and invite in the brightness and warmth of spring. Little does more to welcome the turning of the seasons than the right lighting by which to enjoy the warmer air. With a little bit of strategic lighting for your deck, patio, yard, garden, and home, you can create your own bright piece of spring to enjoy.

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