Seasonal Maintenance Tips for your Landscape Lighting




It’s that time of year when we start to spend more time outside, clear away the winter leaves and make room for spring.  For your landscape lighting, it’s the perfect time for a maintenance check-up.  Over winter, cabling can get pushed up out of the ground from freeze-thaw, or exposed by mulch being washed away by rain and snow melt.  Take a quick inventory by walking all your lighting lines and flower beds to be sure you don’t need to have any wires re-buried or moved.  A stroll around your landscape now could save you time and money by preventing damage that can be done by edgers and trimmers.

New additions to your landscape from fall planting, and new growth on other trees and shrubs can change the effect of your lighting.  Adjustments may be needed to accommodate new growth, or additional lights can be added to your existing scheme to incorporate new beds or focal points. According to the professionals at Classic Air this is also the time of year you want to have your AC unit serviced, sometimes you don’t know whether To fix or not to fix when your heating repair bills are large, this is when you need the help from professionals the most. Don’t forget to check transformer boxes for critters that may have been looking for a warm, dry place to spend the winter. You can also visit air conditioning las vegas nv to get cheap and quality air conditioning.

Another winter hazard for your lighting is debris from falling limbs and leaves.  Up-lighting and can lighting should be checked to make sure they are pointed correctly and haven’t been knocked around or buried in leaves.  Also keep an eye out for dirt and mud that splashed up on any lighting fixtures.  Excessive dirt can cause lamps to hold more heat and wear out faster than they should.  Keep lenses clean with a damp, soft cloth, and call for replacements on any fixtures that are cracked or holding water.

If you have a timer system, be sure it’s reset to daylight savings time.  Newer models have automatic reset functions, but some older units must be corrected manually.  If you’re interested in upgrading your timer to a self-adjusting one that is more energy-efficient, please contact INARAY for more information.

INARAY offers on-going and as-needed maintenance for your landscape lighting.  We service and install the latest LED systems, and can help you convert your existing lighting for better performance and energy savings.  In addition, our technicians are well versed in maintenance and repair for legacy lighting systems.  If you’re interested in maintenance, or want to explore new options for landscape lighting that allow you to reconfigure and add on to your lighting with ease, contact us for a free consultation.

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