Outdoor lighting solutions for farms, estates and stables

Outdoor lighting can be used to light up a path, set the mood for backyard parties or create a dramatic entry for your home.  For larger properties, such as wineries, estates, farms and horse stables, the landscape lighting system is provides both beauty and functionality at once. outdoor-lighting-for-barns-and-stables

Task lighting for work areas, specialty lighting for loading areas, riding rings or other features all must coordinate with the everyday need to illuminate walking paths, driveways and gathering spaces.  As a property is developed over time the lighting is added on as-needed, and it is not unusual to see a mix of halogen, incandescent, LED and other lighting solutions mingled together on one system.  This type of system that evolves over time can be one of the most overlooked culprits of energy waste.

INARAY specializes in assessing existing lighting systems, and evaluating the energy and cost efficiency of various solutions for repair, maintenance, replacement or upgrades.  Understanding how the lighting is being used by the property owner or its guests and staff, we look first to how we can improve the results, and then recommendations that streamline the power usage and minimize maintenance costs over time.

As LED lighting technology has progress in recent years, we have found it possible to provide more lighting, in more flexible ways using significantly less energy than the current systems, often eliminating the need to install or maintain additional electrical panels.  With experience that spans systems from a small home to a complete commercial complex, the INARAY team works with large properties during any stage of planning, construction or renovation.

Our designers feel that all outdoor lighting can blur the line between beautiful and helpful.  A good landscape lighting plan is one that most people don’t notice because it becomes part of the outdoor experience.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you on plans or recommendations for your estate, barn or stable lighting needs.  Please contact us to set up a free site visit and consultation.