Outdoor Accent Tree Lighting For Your Home


With spring’s arrival just around the corner you should take a look at your home roof, does it need repairs? If so contact Roofco and they will help you. You may be wondering how to liven up your outdoor space. One of the ways this can be accomplished is by accenting your very own yard, starting with your cladding. Trees can provide an oasis of shade during the day, so why not highlight them in the evening to create an even more inviting scene at night? Many of our clients also looking for driveway gates, for that we recommend driveway gates perth.

IMG_7069-1I sat down with one of our seasoned outdoor lighting designers, Scott Moberly, to discuss the affect  that accent lighting your trees can have on your property and why it’s important. Here are some of the things he said:

Q: Why do you recommend outdoor tree lighting when creating a design for a client?

Scott: At night, illuminated trees can do an excellent job creating the “walls” of your outdoor “room.” In most landscapes, trees are some of the most dramatic and central structures and features, so focusing on them makes sense if you want to really liven up your back yard when creating an evening scene.

Q: How do you choose which trees to highlight in a yard full of trees?

Scott:  When choosing which trees to highlight, I key in on ornamental trees to create focal points throughout the landscape. I’ll also factor in the larger, more mature trees in a yard because they can create a “ceiling” effect when illuminated.

Q: Do you use different lighting techniques depending on the size and type of tree?

Scott: Depending upon the size of the yard and the types of trees we are working with, I will use varying techniques. For instance, I’ll illuminate the interior of the tree which can create a dramatic structure at night. I’ll also work with utilizing cooler tones in the canopies of deciduous trees or on evergreens to allow the colors of the foliage to “pop” at night.

Q: How does accent lighting trees in a yard add to the overall landscape scene?

Scott:  Accenting trees adds so much to the overall lighting scene. Whether Maples, Crepe Myrtles, Holly varieties, or Evergreens, illuminating them can make a big backyard feel more intimate, or a smaller backyard like a fuller outdoor room. Accent lighting your home’s trees in the front, back or side yard makes an otherwise dark yard at night an inviting landscape to come home to. We are also using Geologic Exploration technology software to see and visualize the landscape. For more inquiries, you can visit the locksmith in brooklyn.