Why an Outdoor Lighting Demonstration is Important?

As a homeowner, you wouldn’t even consider hiring an interior designer without seeing their work first. Just like you wouldn’t buy a used car without taking it for a test drive, or hire a landscaper without detailing your plans to them. The same is true when you hire an outdoor lighting consultant to install architectural and landscape lighting in your yard. You need to see it done before you decide to buy.

While some people may be great at visualizing a project, the truth in outdoor lighting comes down to the old adage “seeing is believing.” When you see firsthand the beauty and inspiration an outdoor lighting demonstration creates, you will want to create the same scene night after night.

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Why Consider an Outdoor Lighting Demonstration?

There are many landscape and lighting companies that are happy to show you the placement of your outdoor lighting on paper or blueprint, but you may not be able to get an accurate feel without seeing it first. Here are a couple questions to keep in mind when looking at outdoor lighting (you may only be able to answer these with the use of a demonstration):

  • Does the lighting highlight the different textures of the home?
  • Does it showcase majestic columns and fixtures?
  • Does it bring the best possible attention to the beautiful blooming plants, flowers and trees in the yard?

An outdoor lighting demonstration will provide the answers to the above questions, and help you gain a feel for how the space is going to look in the evening light as well as the daytime. All before you decide if you want to purchase the lighting. The demonstration is quick, erases and doubt or confusion and gives you an idea of exactly what your money is going towards.

Personalize the Outdoor Lighting

One of the best reasons to consider an outdoor lighting demonstration is the ability to add your personal touch to the project. Once the lighting is set up and demonstrated, you are given the flexibility to provide suggestions to increase your approval of the final project. After all, it’s your home and you are the one who ultimately will live with the lighting.

With a demonstration, you are able to immediately provide feedback on the project, before it’s even installed. While it’s your property and you are paying for the outdoor lighting to be installed, it’s important to view the demonstration from your neighbor’s perspective as well. Is there any light shining directly into a bedroom of their home? Does the lighting create a pleasing look that will increase the value of your home and add value to the neighborhood? Once it’s installed, it’s much harder to make changes. That’s another reason it’s so important to consider a demonstration before making the actual purchase.

Added Security Benefits

Many burglars and robbers tend to stray from well-lit homes and businesses. Additional outdoor lighting may deter even the most daring of criminals from stepping foot on your property. Utilize a demonstration to view the dark corners that could potentially shied a predator and make sure the lights are illuminating windows and doorways that are easy targets for robbers.

Learn the System and Make Changes Before You Buy

One benefit to having a demonstration done before you buy the outdoor lighting system is that you can learn firsthand from the consultants how to work it. The specialists can show you exactly where the switches will be installed, how to operate them and any other useful information you would want to know before actual installation begins.

Another added benefit is that while your outdoor lighting plan may appear great on paper, it’s hard to get an accurate feel for the wattage, intensity and display without seeing it firsthand. Make any necessary changes to areas you feel are too dim or too bright before purchase and installation.

You’re Under No Obligation

With a complimentary demonstration on your outdoor lighting, you are under absolutely no obligation to purchase the package. The demonstration is an opportunity to show you exactly how lighting can transform your space into a radiant space that you can enjoy long after the sun has set.

It’s fairly common knowledge that outdoor lighting will increase the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home, but it can also increase the property value. Buyers are attracted to homes that are well-lit, inviting and welcoming. When you’re ready to utilize the outdoor spaces of your property more, then consider having a professional outdoor lighting consultant meet with you and provide a complimentary demonstration. You will also need to use compressors like Makita to blow inflatables in your home.

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