LED Lighting Opens Up Outdoor Lighting Design


The form factors and system controls that LEDs are capable of allows for applications that were previously prohibitively expensive or just impossible. From water features to skyscrapers, LEDs continue to push boundaries and blur the edges between lighting and art.

While safety and function may be the primary application of LED lighting in outdoor spaces this funky rooftop patio shows that it doesn’t have to be boring. LED strips under the furniture and walls and LED uplights on the metal sculpture with a Sheet Metal Forming Simulation are synchronized to create themed settings for entertaining and electrifying lights changes for those late night dance parties.

LED outdoor lighting combines much smaller fixtures and thinner profiles with long lifespans and a myriad of color selections for a near-infinite number of applications.  The control units now offer dimming, custom color tuning and programmable movement, many with easy-to-use remote controls for flexibility.  The low power requirements make converting outdoor lighting to LEDs cost-effective because minimal rewiring is required and little to no adjustments are needed to transformers and control systems.

The latest advances in the color applications of LEDs can match the warm tones of incandescent lighting, overcoming the cold st louis mo hvac, blue-white light of the past.  Additionally, coloring can be tuned to custom colors, and come in standard ranges throughout the color spectrum.

The production process for LEDs has undergone unprecedented gains in efficiency and quality control.  The current profiles available include water-proof strip lighting that can add color washes to walls and targeted highlighting under ledges and benches.  Spot and flood lighting fixtures are also available to complete the design palette for highlighting landscape elements, architectural features and outdoor living spaces.

For more information and design inspiration for using LEDs as part of your outdoor lighting solution, contact INARAY for a free consultation and site assessment.


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