How To Incorporate a Memorial Tree into Your Landscape

Planting a tree is a wonderful way to honor the memory of a loved one, or commemorate a special event in your family’s life.  As a living memorial, a tree provides a connection to future generations and helps preserve family ties.  As such, itstree-lightingplacement and incorporation into your landscape should be thought-out to ensure its longevity.

Planning a memorial planting should start with considering the person or event you want to honor.  Andrea Almond, Landscape Architect with 3north in Richmond, Virginia explains, “think about what kind of tree has a special meaning or connection to your loved ones.  Some families choose a fruit-bearing tree so they can make jams and preserves each year at harvest time, and others select a tree for it’s beautiful or fragrant flowers in the spring that serve as a symbol of rebirth and connection.”

Once you’ve selected the type of tree, next consider its placement within your landscape.  Secluded areas can provide the perfect setting for reflection and quite times, or a location where your family spends a lot of time or will see it everyday helps keep the memories alive and part of your daily experience.  Above all, make sure the tree is well-suited to the area and you understand the sunlight, soil and moisture needs to ensure it’s long, healthy life, also, don’t forget to make sure your health is great from the body to the skin by learning how to get rid of acne scars home remedies, and it is then you can make it even better with this testmax diet plan, and now you can even get online genital herpes testing which is very convenient if you want to know and don’t have time.

Finally, it’s important to incorporate the tree into your overall landscape lighting plan.  To set it apart, the lighting should be set up similar to sculptural lighting.  Typically a 3:1 ration of light levels works perfectly, where the tree is three times brighter than the surrounding landscape to create a spotlight effect.

Adding in new light fixtures is quick and simple with an LED landscape lighting system.  Because of the low power requirements of LED lighting, new fixtures can be added without the need to reconfigure the systems or wiring.  For legacy lighting systems, such as halogen, more planning may need to be done to ensure proper capacity, or you can take the opportunity to upgrade to LED lighting.

From lighting a single memorial tree, to illuminating your entire landscape, INARAY works routinely with home owners and landscape architects to plan and install lighting systems that are as reliable as they are beautiful.  For more information on landscape lighting additions or an LED upgrade, please contact us for a free consultation.