Five Tips To Improve Your Outdoor Lighting Areas

Outdoor lighting can not only help to improve the way your home looks, but can also increase the safety and security you feel at night.  With the right outdoor lighting, you can highlight the areas of your yard that you are proud of, and deter burglars and thieves with bright lights that rob them of somewhere to hide.  But in order for your outdoor lighting to be effective, it must be placed in the right spot and designed the right way.  Below are several tips for outdoor lighting in specific areas to improve the functionality and aesthetic value of any lights you install outdoors.

1. Front Entrance Lighting


It’s important that the front entrance to your home is well lit.  A well-lit front entrance is welcoming to visitors and helps you to identify who is coming to visit.  Keeping the front area of your home lit up can make it seem as if people are home and awake and can discourage thieves from hitting your home for a burglary.  Using wall lanterns on each side of your front door is a great way to increase the warmth of your home and make your visitors feel welcome.  A front entrance that is poorly lit will discourage visitors from coming and may even make them feel uncomfortable.

If you have a porch or an overhang, use recessed lighting or fixtures that are close to the ceiling.  With any other entrances to your home, simply use a single wall lantern installed on the same side of the door as the keyhole.  This will allow visitors to come and go, but deter any unsavory characters from attempting to come into your home.

2. Outdoor Garage Lighting


You should have a lantern or a single fixture outside your garage to provide adequate lighting for increased safety and security.  The commercial garage doors york pa is also a great place to install a motion sensor on your fixtures that turns on at sunset and off at sunrise in order to preserve energy.  If your garage lies in a shadowy area of your home, add extra lights to avoid the darkness and to increase home security.  Consider installing spotlights on your eaves or ground lights pointed up for a more dramatic look.

Along with extra lighting, it’s important to consider the use of energy that your home will now use.  To conserve energy, install a motion sensor outside your garage door that alerts you when someone is in the immediate vicinity.

3. Lighting For Porches, Decks, And Patios


When you use low voltage mini-lights under your stairs, railings or benches, you can convert your porch, patio or deck into a romantic area.  Muted light is better in these situations, as most guests who visit these areas will prefer a low-lit area.  For a more unique look, try installing a spotlight in the branches of a large tree that is near the area you want to light.

4. Lighting Pool And Fountain Areas


If you are fortunate enough to have a property that contains a pool or a water fountain, you are given the unique task of figuring out how to light to area.  Not only do you want the area lit for security, but safety is also a must when the dangers of drowning are near.  Try using underwater lighting that provides beauty and additional safety for those who want to take an evening swim.

The best lighting for pools or fountains is LED lights or low-voltage lights.  These lights create an ambient glow that helps to set the mood for your outdoor entertaining area.  You may also choose to use floating lights or solar powered lights in order to conserve energy.

Before you start the process of installing new lights in your pool or fountain area, you must check with your local building authorities to determine if there are safety regulations that could hinder your lighting plans.

5. Outdoor Grills And Serving Area


These areas benefit the most from bright task lighting.  Try installing a recessed spotlight on your roof overhang that is closest to the grill.  Another option is to mount lights on a railing behind the area or to use a portable fixture for lighting these areas.  With outdoor entertaining areas, you want lights that can help you complete your tasks of cooking and setting up, but you also want the lights muted enough that your guests can relax and enjoy the mood.

With the right outdoor lighting, you can increase your entertaining space by adding your entire back or front yard to your square footage.  Create parties and activities your friends won’t soon forget with the right outdoor lighting scheme.