Custom Outdoor Lighting Service

Custom Outdoor Lighting Design in Richmond, VA

Our CUSTOM OUTDOOR LIGHTING DESIGN takes a comprehensive approach to the lighting considerations for you property. If it is an establish landscape, we look at your current lighting, e.g., a front porch light or post light, to consider how they should be used. Should they be incorporated? Changed? Modified? If there is more than one design solution for a space, which one is best? We address questions like these with an in-depth approach. If it is a home under construction or a landscape redesign, we review your plans and work with you and your contractors.

Benefits of this service include:

  • Free outdoor lighting consultation and proposal with a senior INARAY designer
  • Comprehensive assessment of all lighting for the residence
  • Coordination for lighting with other companies for landscape projects, if needed
  • Access to extensive lighting selection
  • Experience of a senior lighting designer
  • CAD drawings with “As builts” for your records


More questions? Arrange a call with one of our Designers!

Talk to A Designer

Setting Expectations

What You Should Anticipate:

  • Contact us when you’re ready and a lighting designer will discuss the scope of the project to determine the site of the first meeting. If there’s a construction process involved, we may meet you to go over the plans and discuss the initial lighting concepts.
  • An initial budget proposal with sketches will be produced.
  • We will arrange for a second meeting to confirm the scope. Upon budget approval, a second proposal with drawings and rates for design plus estimated times will produced
  • Final approval for the plan and proposal can be handled by phone or in person; and a schedule for the work will be determined.
  • Our designer will arrange for any coordinated meetings with contractors along the life of the project and make provision for lighting preparations, as needed
  • Our designer will meet with our installation team and project manager to lay out the job so that construction may begin.
  • Upon completion, the designer will conduct an aiming session at night to make final adjustments and ensure your satisfaction
  • Final documents, like “As built” drawings, will be produced for your records


Project size and budget:

  • Varies. Can be (5) Custom designed fixtures for an intimate courtyard or 300+ lights for resort property
  • $2,500 to $100,000+


Ready to Get Started? Arrange a call with one of our Designers!

Talk to A Designer

A senior designer will talk with you about what you have in mind and where to have an initial consultation. They will work with you from conceptual design to final fixture selection. A thorough site evaluation will be performed complete with pictures, measurements and sketches for our records.

More About the Process

During our walk through we may recommended some changes to your landscape or hardscapes. It is often helpful to add a small landscape bed in an area that needs light to keep the fixture from being in the grass where damage can occur. If changes are deemed worthwhile, we will coordinate with a contractor of your choosing or recommend one for you from our list of recommended partners

If there is a renovation in progress or pending, we will contact the necessary parties to ensure proper steps are taken to incorporate lighting into the plan.

After our initial consultation, a budget proposal with sketches and potential inspiration shots will be assembled. We will usually meet again to refine the scope and budget.

Upon approval of the scope and budget, CAD drawings showing fixture locations and specifics, such as wattages and beam spreads, will be produced. Fixture selections will be finalized and designs for any custom fixtures approved so they can be fabricated. Phase recommendations will be made if budget constraints demand a layered approach. It’s not unusual for projects to be implemented over a period of years. Drawings and documents will be revised and returned for final approval. If needed, additional meetings will be arranged.

Once the final plan is approved, we will acquire all the lighting needed for your project. Installation will be arranged and will begin with your designer laying out the project on site with the installation team. Our project manager will take over for the remainder of the installation however, the designer will keeps close tabs on the progress and be available for questions

Once installed, your designer, and usually an assistant, will meet at night for a final aiming session. If any adjustments need to be made, they will be done at that time or on a subsequent visit, if the project requires additional lighting. Upon completion, you will receive an “as built” drawing showing the location and specifics of each fixture and cable runs. These will remain on file for future service and expansion of your system. We can also field locate fixtures and cables for you in the future, if you are having construction done and need that service.

On the first anniversary of the installation, we will contact you for a follow-up meeting to re-evaluate how everything looks. Small adjustments made at this time can make a big difference! The landscape may have grown, plants moved, etc.

Is a Custom Lighting Design the right choice for you?

We have found this most suited for the following:

  • Homes and properties with a high level of complexity such as mature landscapes and ones with a number of features such as sculptures, water features and extensive walkways. (these can also be candidates for AT HOME OUTDOOR LIGHTING DEMONSTRATIONS as well. A designer can determine this with you, usually over the phone.)
  • Properties with a landscape renovation underway or about to begin, such as a new pool and landscaping in a renovated backyard.
  • Properties where all the lighting needs to be addresses. Post lights, Coach lights, flood lights etc. For example, you may be interested in lighting for the front of your home but also want to address old post and coach lighting.
  • Architects and designers in need of a lighting consultant for a project with their client. INARAY has a 12-year history of working with the some of the finest architects, designers, and contractors throughout the Richmond area and across Virginia. We have also worked on projects from Florida to Rhode Island. Learn more about our Consulting Services.

To get a better feel for the differences between our Custom Outdoor Lighting Design service and our At Home Demonstration service, visit out our Why We Offer Two Options for Outdoor Lighting page.

What do you get with a typical project?

  • Free initial consultation with a senior designer
  • *CAD drawing with layout and specifics
  • *Correspondence, documents, cut sheets for fixture selections
  • Proposal for everything involved in the project from start to finish
  • *On site coordination meetings with associated contractors and designers
  • A start date on the calendar for your new lighting!
  • *As built drawing with final layouts and specifics
  • Follow up walk through at 1yr mark
  • INARAY’s industry leading “Workmanship Guarantee” and “Continuing Care” programs

*Design fees are associated with these services.

We’d be happy to discuss how our custom outdoor lighting design works, just give us a call at (804) 368-3797 and ask to speak with a senior designer or send us a message.

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