Architectural + Landscape Lighting

Architectural + Landscape Lighting for your Home

We all want to come home to a warmly lit property, but our existing lighting can often feel harsh while some parts of the landscape are left dark and uninviting.

A well designed lighting plan accommodates your existing lighting while bringing light to new spaces, coordinated together to create a welcoming scene for you and your guests.

Custom Outdoor Lighting Design

Our custom outdoor lighting design takes an in-depth approach to your entire property and current exterior lighting. We can also be a valuable part of your design team during home construction or landscape renovations. You’ll work with a senior lighting designer on everything from conceptual designs to fixture selection. Learn more about our comprehensive Custom Outdoor Lighting Designs.

Benefits of this service include:

  • Free outdoor lighting consultation and proposal with a senior INARAY designer
  • Comprehensive assessment of all lighting for the residence
  • Coordination with subcontractors to integrate lighting into your landscape projects.
  • Access to extensive lighting selection
  • Experience of a senior lighting designer
  • Mark-ups of site drawings if available, to assist in collaboration


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