Outdoor Lighting in Richmond, VA

Outdoor Lighting in Richmond, VA

From the rolling hills of the surrounding counties to the tree-lined streets of the Fan and across downtown, the Richmond region is a rich tapestry of landscapes, including urban gardens, mature, rolling estates and everything in between.

INARAY has provided professional lighting solutions to homeowners in every area of the City since 2002. When it comes to outdoor lighting, Richmond and the surrounding areas require differing considerations. Homes in the Fan, along Monument Avenue, in the open spaces of the Southside and far West End may need a different lighting design than homes in the cozy neighborhoods of the Northside and East End.

Homes in Downtown Richmond

In the heart of the city the level and color of ambient light is starkly different than in the suburban areas.  A garden in the Fan requires specific solutions in terms of light levels and colors to find that beautiful balance where the lights of the city serve as a backdrop to the lighting of pathways, outdoor kitchens and landscape features.

City Neighborhoods and River Corridors

Neighborhoods in these areas tend to have established landscapes, garden features and mature trees on complex sites. The more mature and complex a landscape, the more decisions that must be made because there is more than one way to approach an effective outdoor lighting solution. Which one is best?  This is the heart of lighting design and we have, collectively, over 20 years of experience in doing just that.  Starting with measurements, sketches and notes on-site, we develop drawings and specifications which allow our ideas to be tested and adjusted to find the best possible results.

Surrounding Counties and Rural Areas

For homes farther away from downtown, where ambient light levels are low, we find that the key to a beautiful outdoor lighting scene is in the subtle use of soft light, fixture selection and placement. Mixing warm and cool light along with spread and diffusing lenses allows us to create a rich and dynamic scene at night.

New Construction

Because Richmond is a city of on-going revitalization, we routinely work with homeowners and contractors during new construction to establish an initial lighting design. We routinely enter the planning stage of a new home, as much as a year in advance. This allows us to place necessary conduits and sleeves in key areas during construction that give us the ability to come back and place fixtures in locations that wouldn’t be possible after the fact

Whether you are starting fresh with a clean slate, or your home was recently built and you want to add lighting, INARAY is the Richmond outdoor lighting team you should call. We are happy to plan a design that will illuminate your outdoor life for years to come.

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