At Home Lighting Demonstrations


Our At Home Outdoor Lighting Demonstrations are designed to quickly let you see what a difference lighting can make for your home and landscape.

Benefits of this service include:

  • Free outdoor lighting consultation and design demo with an INARAY designer
  • See what your home will actually look like with architectural and landscape lighting
  • Proposal with installation date that night or by the next business day

What to expect:

  • Contact us when you’re ready and a lighting designer will arrange for your first meeting. Depending on location and what you discuss, your designer may want to meet once before they install the outdoor lighting demo
  • Once the meeting is set, we will install the demonstration for that night
  • A proposal with a potential start date will follow.
  • That’s it. There’s no obligation and it’s pretty easy.

Project size and budget:

  • Typically 8-20 lights
  • $2,500 to $6,500

To get started with an AT HOME OUTDOOR LIGHTING DEMONSTRATION, call us at (804) 368-3797. We will set up a time to meet with you to see your home and surroundings in person. We’ll have a conversation to better understand your wants and wishes and show you some options. We’d like to get a feel for your aesthetic preferences and what you like about the way things look and feel.

We’ll take some time to go through the different lighting options, like wash lighting and silhouetting, and discuss which will look best for your home. We’ll also discuss control options for your lighting. With more and more choices available to Richmond homeowners, you‘ll find it valuable to discuss these options with one of our trained professionals.

Following our 30-45 minute outdoor lighting consultation, we will make the various fixture and lens selections that will bring the design to life. You’ll be able to see it that night while we meet.

Is this the right choice for you?
If you’re mainly interested in lighting for the front of your home and some up lighting for trees in the landscape, this is a great fit. Landscape lighting demonstrations work best with lighting that would typically be installed on the ground such as up lighting. It’s a little more difficult to demonstrate moonlighting effects from fixtures mounted 45’ up in trees or integrated into your outdoor kitchen. Don’t worry though, we’ll have pictures for those and there are some ways we can do simple mock-ups for some of those situations. If you are looking for a custom, comprehensive lighting solution, we also have senior lighting designers that can work with you. Our Custom Outdoor Lighting Designs offer a level of expertise and service that our competitors can’t match. To get a better feel for the differences between our At Home Outdoor Lighting Demonstration service and our Custom service, visit out our Two Levels of Lighting Design page.

What do you get with a typical project?
Free design demo with an INARAY designer in Richmond and the surrounding areas

  • Proposal for everything involved in the project from start to finish
  • A start date on the calendar for your new lighting!
  • INARAY’s industry leading “Workmanship Guarantee” and “Continuing Care” programs

We’d be happy to set up an outdoor lighting demo at your home.

Give us a call at 804.368-3797 or send us a message below!

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