Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor Entertainment

Sound systems of the past were typically a pair of large speakers mounted on the house or rock speakers in the landscape. The result was uneven sound without the deep rich base we all enjoy.

Today’s systems integrate seamlessly into the landscape and are evenly distributed to provide seamless coverage and great sound quality even at the lowest volumes.

Consistent Volume

Provides smooth, consistent coverage throughout the area

Immersive Sound

By using small satellite speakers and buried  sub woofers carefully arranged around the perimeter of the property, the outcome is positioned audio that comes from all around you.

Hidden Speakers

Our landscape satellite and sub-woofer systems provide a superior landscape aesthetic enabling discreetly camouflaged speakers to evenly immerse a space with extraordinary stereo sonic performance.

No Disturbances

Because we position our audio systems around the perimeter and aim the sound toward your home,  the music does not spill into neighboring properties.

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