12 Back Yard Lighting Ideas


Lighting your backyard will give your home a look and feel like nothing else. For those who are considering lighting their backyards, we have put together a collection of some of our best backyard lighting designs.



Being able to see in your backyard is one thing, but illuminating a walkway is a must. Here we lit this walkway with path lights for the steps that were a little brighter than the moonlights further down that softly illuminated the rest of the way.



Creating layers of light on a landscape with different lighting effects can add a lot to the scenery. We accomplished this by illuminating trees of different heights. In this case, the crepe myrtles, big oak tree and ground were key points. It is also stylish to put lights and decorations on aluminum fence. You can use an aluminum fence in almost any lighting design.



If you’ve got a pool or pergola in your backyard, there are many ways to illuminate it. Accent lighting draws attention to the architecture of the structure and downlighting the patio around the pool along with uplighting selected trees provides balance and introduces the landscape into the scene.



This picture encompasses the variety of ways one can turn up the heat in their backyard. Natural moonlighting on the seating area from the tree above and surrounding accent lighting makes this a space all can enjoy.



Here you can see the importance of strategically placed pathlights around this backyard patio. They frame the space evenly and compliment the lights integrated into the seating wall.



Accenting your backyard landscape is an important feature in any outdoor space. Here we illuminated the carefully placed topiaries to compliment the rest of the back yard.



Glaring flood lights were converted to discreet downlights which transformed this gorgeous backyard space to light the patio and seating area. Uplighting was also added on the home and landscape to create an outdoor room at night.



Once the sun sets for the night, everyone’s backyard steps are hard to see. On this property we integrated small LED strip lighting under the treads of these steps. Problem solved.



Hot tub, anyone? At this property we integrated flush mounted lights inside this hot tub to highlight the corner details of the louvers while providing reflected light off the ceiling.



Bistro lighting in backyards are on the rise. The festive vibes it brings allows any party to last well into the night. Here it is accented by uplighting the bar area. (P.S. The bistro lighting poles were strategically hidden in the evergreens).



A day, week or even month at the lake house can be a great change of pace. Simple pathlighting along this dock creates a serene setting at night and ample light to walk by so your summertime fun doesn’t have to end early.



Lighting focal points such as sculptures can be key when creating a backyard scene. The tree above is a custom sculpture and was aged to look like bark. The leaves and flowers were made from copper and we worked alongside the sculptor to place our lights inside its flowers.

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