INARAY Offers 3 Exciting Packages

By the looks (and feel) of it, the warm weather is here to stay. Driving around near our office in Richmond, VA the local landscapes burst with fresh blooms and life. Inspired by the burgeoning of nature’s spring beauty, we are introducing 3 lighting packages that will enhance your outdoor spaces to get them ready for the summer nights ahead:

The Azalea Package: 7 Weathered Brass Accent Lights for $1,747

The Dogwood Package: 10 Weathered Brass Accent Lights for $2,397

The Magnolia Package: 15 Weathered Brass Accent Lighting for $3,497

*All packages include solid weathered brass accent fixtures and a stainless steel transformer with lifetime warranty and high quality LED bulbs.

Contact us today at 804-368-3797 to discover the difference lighting can make at your home!