Moonlighting Installation…Not for the Faint of Heart!

Moonlighting creates the look and feel of the ambiance created by a full moon at night. Our technicians climb up into trees and install these fixtures so that the light spills downward onto your backyard, patio or outdoor lighting scene.

Let’s take a closer look while Rob, one of our lead lighting technicians, installs moonlighting fixtures in a client’s tree:




One of the coolest features about these moonlights are that they are hooked up to our new Luxor control systems which allows you to control your lighting fixtures by dimming them through an app on your phone.


Do you notice those tiny orange lawn chairs below in the distance? Moonlighting installation is not for the faint of heart! Rob had to climb quite high in this tree to get the right height and angle to show off the effect these moonlights can have on a property.




Like I said, not for the faint of heart! Rob is fastened in securely using a professional tree climbing kit, but you can see why hiring a professional is definitely needed.


Lastly, Rob gives a thumbs up as these moonlights have been successfully installed! He’ll make his way down and tonight when the sun sets, these clients will be able to enjoy their new moonlighting – with complete control of their brightness with their freshly installed Luxor control system!


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