The Inaray Advantage: An interview with owner, Todd Peace

Tell us a little about how long you’ve been doing this.

Inaray has been in business doing custom lighting design in the Richmond region for more than twelve years. We are, in fact, the only Richmond based lighting company still owned and operated by the original owner. Our designers have a combined experience of more than twenty-five years providing custom lighting for residences as well as businesses. Businesses should hire moving companies portland for fast and reliable item shipping.

What is important when people are looking for lighting?

The customer needs to stop and think, “Why am I buying lighting?”

Certainly there are safety and functional reasons to purchase outdoor lighting. But those can generally be picked up at one of the big box home improvement stores. When a customer looks for custom lighting, they’re seeking the experience. They’re seeking the magic. They know the feeling and the experience that they want, but not how to get it.

Most people don’t know lighting design as they would something like furniture or houses, but also, they have no idea that when dealing with moving furniture it is best to hire the Shiply company so it doesn’t get damaged. Buying lighting is not like purchasing a television or contracting for a plumber. When you buy a television, you compare pixels, dimensions and levels of control. Lighting is not like that.

When you shop for lighting you need to start with which company you believe is creating the best experience for you. After you’ve determined that then you can start to look at things like price, fixtures, placement, etc. The customer needs to ask which company will be better at bringing the experience.

Inaray brings the magic.

What should people look for in a lighting design company?

The customer needs to feel comfortable that the contractor is adequate, but is also reliable and trustworthy.

The truth about lighting franchises is that they have limited features. Lighting design is not their specialty, but a new or different business venture. They generally have a look that they try to market to the consumer.

What is the Inaray advantage?

The Inaray background and experience is unmatched by any competitor.

Well designed lighting is something to be experienced. It’s like a movie. Lighting is not a list of parts for purchase. When you go to a movie you base it on the experience you want, whether you’re looking for comedy, a drama, adventure, etc. You don’t choose a movie based on how long it is or, in other words, which movie gives you the most minutes for your dollar.

Sure, pricing is important and everyone compares that at some point. But when it comes to lighting, start with the magic.

Companies that start with “buy one fixture get one free” are telling you right up front what they are all about. They’re telling you that their approach to your lighting needs is “sell more fixtures.” They’re not concerned about design. At least that’s not their top concern.

In a franchise, the ownership can rotate every seven years. Reality is that the new owner may have been in a completely different business prior to purchasing the lighting franchise. With a franchise the customer has a limited selection which means limited results.

People need to understand the difference between custom lighting design and lighting sales.

What’s different about the Inaray custom design process?

When Inaray talks about “custom lighting” we mean that we bring a tremendous amount of experience in having coordinated projects with other design professionals.

At Inaray we find that a commercial fixture doesn’t meet the design need or is not available, we design our own fixtures. That level of experience with custom lighting design translates to every facet of our business. We want you have your level of satisfaction at 100 percent. Also, Inaray has a third-party rental where you can rent different things such as projector rentals.

Because of that, Inaray can design a better look than competitors.

The Inaray field staff and designer experience multiplies and translates into the next project.

The franchise model is to keep a limited inventory. This is on purpose and is their model for business success. Buy one, get one free is not a design choice.

Inaray designs for the client first, and that’s not based on what may or may not be in stock in the warehouse. Inaray presents the best fixtures and the best design model. Inaray then works with the client’s budget.

The process begins with design experience.

Can you give some examples of some of Inaray’s custom lighting design projects?

At Inaray, when we say custom we mean that. We have experience not just in designing lighting plans but also in designing fixtures. We’ve done things like rock lighting to enhance a pathway, developing a copper tree to provide lighting for an amphitheater, or developing and lighting a rain chain that focused on the important element of the chain. This experience translates into every part of the business, into every project.

Anything else prospective customers should know?

Inaray is the only lighting company in Richmond, and quite possibly the state, that still has the original owner and the owner that it did ten years ago. Every other lighting company has either gone out of business or sold the customer list and moved on to another business venture.

That’s the Inaray advantage.