Getting Ready for Historic Garden Week

It’s no secret that the new sprinkler system is sure to bring some May (and April!) flowers. It was decided last year that well before this historic week a new system would be installed. The old system failed last year right before this event and threatened to ruin some parts of the garden. Although today doesn’t boast the warmer weather we’ve been spoiled with recently, there’s something in the air getting people excited about Spring. And no, it’s not the pollen! Warm evenings mixing with extended daylight has people thinking about spending time outside, and there is an event taking place in a couple weeks you won’t want to miss:

Historic Garden Week in Virginia, The 2015 Richmond Tours

Just last week we spent the day at a home boasting an incredible layout that at the end of this month will fill with swooning tourists. For the first time ever, this Cary Street Road haven will open to the public displaying its magnolia, photinia and Charles F. Gillette landscape designs for all to see.

This prestigious event takes place Wednesday, April 22 – Friday, April 24. You can purchase tickets here and find answers to questions you may have about the event.

Many thanks to Rob, Kevin and Brian who worked hard conditioning their outdoor lighting system so the home’s luxurious scenery can be enjoyed into the night!

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Happy Spring, RVA!