Need A Getaway? How About Your Backyard.

You’ve seen all the pictures on every social media outlet. When a friend or family member goes on vacation, you hear all about it. From seaside adventures to mountain explorations to cross cultural dining. Who doesn’t love the opportunity to use that vacation time we’ve all earned?

Vacations are great, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could feel like you’re getting away everyday? What if you didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to catch an early morning flight or stress about finding your way around a new city to relax and unwind?

What if you could open your back door and be greeted by an oasis in your own backyard?

The good news is, you can.

Summertime’s sunset breeze, the soothing ambiance of Inaray’s outdoor lighting and your favorite rocking chair – what more do you need to relax and take a few minutes…or few hours for yourself?

Inaray - 4109 Kensington Ave

Gently lit trees, the setting sun, and quiet. It’s time to getaway.

Let us show you what life is like in the light.