How Will You Enjoy the Night This Summer?

Residential Outdoor Lighting DesignThe sun is out shining and if you’re anything like us, you’re ready to get outside and experience the wafting breeze and 70 degree temperatures spring provides. Perhaps you’re in the midst of a few spring projects around the house, though, that are keeping you indoors.

As you probably know, spring is typically the time of year to get things done so you can enjoy those dog days of summer, staying cool and relaxing amidst the heat and humidity summer brings.

You may be thinking about everything around the house and making sure your landscape is lush and green, but what happens on your property when the sun sets? Do your blooming bushes and developed trees disappear? Is your newly coated drive way a black mass mixed in with the dark of the night? Does your tailor made patio vanish with the setting sun?

Residential Outdoor Lighting DesignNext week April ends and we welcome the wonderful month of May. Which means Memorial Day is just around the bend, followed by end of school year celebrations, the 4th of July, backyard barbecue season and Labor Day.

Don’t let this season get away without preparing your outdoor spaces for the best memory making experiences all summer long by having our team design and install a tailor made outdoor lighting and sound system for your home.

How will you enjoy the night this summer?

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