Complimentary Spring Lighting Assessment

This Spring we are offering a complimentary Spring lighting assessment to all INARAY clients. Let us evaluate your lighting and determine how we can get your home ready for the Spring season.


Discuss recent or upcoming changes to your landscape

  • Changing landscapes need changing lighting. Small additions and adjustments can be a big difference.
  • Upcoming projects? Think about lighting as you plan.

Learn about the options and benefits of converting to LED

  • Energy Savings up to 70%.
  • Bulbs that last more than 5 times your current lighting.
  •  New color renderings that bring your landscape to life.

Find a maintenance program that fits your needs

  •  Annual check up and preventative cleaning by the people from King of Maids.
  •  Semi annual maintenance and bulb replacement.

Call 804-368-3797 by May 1st!