Music + TV For Your Landscape

Music + TV

Today’s systems integrate seamlessly into your home and landscape and are evenly distributed to provide seamless coverage and great sound quality even at the lowest volumes.

Consistent Volume

Traditional speaker systems typically involve a pair of speakers- This tends to create part of a space that is louder than another. We place speakers at regular intervals, which provides smooth, consistent coverage with no areas of lower volume.

Immersive Sound

By placing speakers at regular intervals throughout your home and landscape, the sound comes from all around you. This creates balance and a more natural experience.

Hidden Speakers

Rather than seeing these, we discreetly camouflage speakers to evenly immerse your home or landscape with extraordinary sonic performance with minimal visual impact.

For Your Home

Many rooms can be either packed full of equipment that’s obtrusive and not easy to use or have nothing at all. There are many solutions today that eliminate the need to see speakers at all, and integrate them into the walls of the home.

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For Your Landscape

Sound systems of the past were typically a pair of large speakers mounted on the house, or rock speakers in the landscape. The result was uneven sound without the deep rich bass we all enjoy. By using small satellite speakers integrated in the plant beds and buried subwoofers around the perimeter of the property, the outcome is consistent sound that comes from all around you. Because we position our audio systems throughout the landscape and aim the sound toward your home,  the music does not spill into neighboring properties. Today’s outdoor speakers integrate into the plant beds to provide hidden and immersive sound throughout your outdoor spaces.


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