Outdoor Lighting

We all want to come home to a warmly lit property, but our existing lighting can often feel harsh while some parts of the landscape are left dark and uninviting.

A well designed lighting plan accommodates your existing lighting while bringing light to new spaces, coordinated together to create a welcoming scene for you and your guests.

Indoor Lighting

In many homes, traditional lighting can be poorly placed, unnecessarily large and consume too much electricity. While there are many trendy LED replacements available today, they’re often glitchy and unreliable.

INARAY provides LED lighting that is well placed, sized to create the right atmosphere, and designed to dim properly.

Holiday Lighting

Life is busy and decorating your home for the Holidays takes time, and tall ladders.

INARAY’s Holiday team will design, install, and take down your Holiday lighting at the end of the season without you ever lifting a finger.