Lighting Control Systems

Lighting Control Systems

As lighting control capabilities continue to grow, the increased benefits come with increased complexities. Our designers are skilled at making sure your experience is simple and delightful. Our lighting needs change throughout the course of a day; we believe your lighting should change with it. INARAY designs lighting control systems that create comfortable and pleasant places for you to live and work.

INARAY has over 15 years of experience in lighting design and creates personalized lighting control systems that enhance your life.

Experience Comfort & Convenience

We custom tailor lighting control systems to fit your preferences and routines, transforming your home’s environment with simple, easy-to-use controls.

Create the perfect Workplace Atmosphere

A well-designed office is also a productive office. INARAY creates ideal work settings with personalized lighting programs. Whether you’re in need of a creative space to work or meet with a client, INARAY provides the lighting controls to create the right experience.

Control from Anywhere

Adjusting your lights from a smartphone has never been easier or more reliable. Control all the lighting in your home or office with the touch of a button. You can have your lighting automatically adjust to a schedule, turning on as you arrive or off when you leave. The possibilities are endless, but a trained INARAY designer will work with you to craft the perfect plan.

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