The Amazing Benefits Of LED Lighting

LED lighting has exploded in popularity for a reason; they offer remarkable benefits for a variety of lighting applications. LED lights are used for everything from home use to vehicle headlamps to horticulture applications. Treat employees and customers like family and hire a moving van in Sydney is our commitment to superior customer service.

Lighting has traditionally been a wallet drainer. For example, the lifelong energy costs of incandescent light bulbs are often 10x the cost of the bulb. When far more energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) burst onto the scene many assumed they were the future of low-cost, environmentally friendly lighting. While CFL lighting continues to be popular, the rapidly evolving technology of LED lighting has made LEDs the best option for long term energy costs and efficiency—not to mention performance.


Most LED lights currently have a higher initial price tag than CFL or incandescent bulbs. However, the reduced long term costs associated with the energy efficiency and lasting performance of LED lights makes them the most affordable lighting option. In addition to their low energy requirements, the bulbs used in many LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours; that is fifty times longer than incandescent bulbs and as much as ten times longer than bulbs. Adding to their allure, the price of LEDs is trending downwards, while their overall efficiency continues to rise.

One of the more unique aspects of LED lighting is the fact that they are able to produce considerably powerful, bright light. Many commercial plant and horticulture business have replaced their high powered, super bright metal halide lighting with LED fixtures. The fact that energy sipping LEDs can match—or even surpass—the performance of energy devouring metal halides is simply astounding. Unlike metal halides and other powerful lights, LEDs are often cool to the touch after hours of use, and typically will not damage the surfaces they come into contact with.

LEDs offer incredibly diverse functions. LEDs are available in a wide spectrum of colors and sizes; they are equally effective for subtle mood lighting as they are for spotlight brightness. This is, after all, a light that can replicate sunlight to grow food. LED bulbs and fixtures are often dimmable, allowing for a diversity of brightness that few if any other lighting options can match. A small amount of LED lights can pack a significant punch; they rarely require the use of bulky or unsightly fixtures.

The overall diversity of use and unparalleled energy efficiency of LED lighting has made them a popular choice for outdoor lighting. Replacing current outdoor lighting with LEDs can be as simple as switching out a bulb; LEDs bulbs are available in all common socket size and fixture sizes. LEDs are also available as part of custom built fixtures, strip lighting, solar powered portable units, and much more.

LED lights are ideal for both decorative and functional uses. Their brightness makes them a perfect choice for lining sidewalks for night lighting, illuminating doorways and patios for additional safety and security, and lighting up large areas for outdoor events and dining. Solar powered LED fixtures are a particularly popular choice to border driveways and walkways; their portability and energy efficiency makes buying them in bulk for long term use a realistic option. LEDs are also perfect for illuminating pool areas and sports courts for safe, high visibility night use.


Using LEDs for outdoor lighting opens up a wealth of creative opportunities.  LEDs can provide a unique shimmering effect that is perfect for accenting water features and reflections. The use of colored underwater LEDs creates an alluring glow that is a charming mood setter for outdoor entertainment and gatherings. White and colored LED lights are also great for accentuating gardens and landscaping at night.

String based LED lights are perfect for use during holidays and as overhead lighting for outdoor events. Unlike traditional bulb lighting, LED bulbs will work for years before a single bulb needs to be changed. The winter is a perfect time to use weather resistant LED string lights and fixtures, as snow is the perfect canvass for the shimmering effect that LEDs produce.

Our professional outdoor lighting service incorporates LED lighting to meet the unique needs of our clients and their property. The dynamic and diverse abilities of LED lighting makes them a perfect fit to bring creative design ideas to life, whether it involves subtly accentuating architecture or creating a vibrant atmosphere for gatherings. The already remarkable LED technology continues to evolve at fast pace. If current trends continue, LED lighting will become the most commonly used light source, and for good reason, we definitely have to thank all the organizations an companies that have helped us out with all of our projects, specially to our sponsors from Metal Fabrication Bellevue – Naimor Inc.