Taking Your Outdoor Lighting to Another Level With Dynamic LED Lights

Once prohibitively expensive for home use, Light-Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs are now one of the most affordable, energy efficient, and dynamic lighting options available. In recent years, self watering planter have exploded in popularity for an array of uses, including indoor and outdoor applications, horticulture, gardening, vehicle lighting, and much more. LEDs offer some of the best functional and decorative lighting for landscaping and general exterior lighting, giving homeowners new tools and designs to bring a whole new level of style to their home and yard.


What Makes LEDs so Unique?

LEDs have incredible lasting power; LED bulbs have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. This is more than 30x longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, and over 5x longer than Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. While CFL bulbs are commonly thought to be the most environmentally friendly lighting choice, LEDs use less than half as much energy as CFLs—and cost much less to run.

The Power of LED Lighting

Given the notable energy efficiency of LEDs, one might expect them to be less powerful than CFL and other popular lighting choices. The truth is actually the exact opposite; LEDs have even replaced super powered metal halide lights in many indoor horticulture facilities. The powerful nature of LEDs makes them an ideal choice for outdoor usage, and they can typically be used with a dimmer to fine tune brightness. Amazingly enough, these high powered bulbs often stay cool to the touch even after hours of use, as they burn at a much lower temperature than other types of lighting.

How LEDs are Incorporated into Landscape Lighting

LED bulbs are small in size, allowing for application in strip lighting, socket bulbs, and a variety of fixtures. In addition to their versatility, LEDs have a high resistance to humidity, extreme temperatures, and can be turned on and off frequently without suffering damage. These factors make them an ideal outdoor option. Unlike other lighting choices, LED lights can typically be used in close proximity to landscaping without carrying a risk of burning or otherwise damaging trees, vegetation, or building materials. Popular outdoor LED lighting options include:

  • Strip or “Ribbon” LEDs. LED strips and ribbons are an affordable option that offer incredible opportunities for customization. Strips are available in styles similar to Christmas lights or sleeker and thinner ribbon style flat reels that can be used virtually anywhere.
  • Socket LED Bulbs. These are similar to traditional light bulbs and are available in sizes that work with all light sockets. LEDs bulbs can be used for decorative and functional spotlighting, pendant or ceiling lighting for patios and pools, motion based security lighting, and much more.
  • Lantern and Ground Lighting. LEDs are a perfect fit for lantern style fixtures, whether they are hung from a tree or attached to the exterior of a home. Ground based light fixtures are also a perfect fit for LEDs, as they can be tuned to provide the perfect desired level of light for both security and atmosphere.

Creative Ideas for Outdoor LED Lighting

Professional lighting designers use LEDs to create stunning outdoor decorative schemes by taking advantage of the following features:

  • Multi-Colored LED Bulbs.  The bright and crisp nature of the basic LED bulb makes it a popular choice for emulating sunlight and illuminating areas for nighttime use. White is just the beginning when it comes to LED bulbs; they are available in a full color spectrum to fit any need. A subdued blue or red is perfect for highlighting a nighttime pool area, sculpture, or planted areas. LED strips with a warm yellow tone are ideal for creating a relaxing outdoor dining or lounging area, particularly when attached to fencing, walls, or strung overhead.
  • Fixtures and Pendants for Shadowing and Spotlighting. Cleverly placed LEDs help create dramatic shadows and reflections off of water, planters, trees, walls, and any other structure.  The small nature of LEDs allows for use in hard to reach and creative areas where other lighting options simply can’t be used. One doesn’t have to settle for large and clunky fixtures or pendants anymore, or lights that are always either too bright or too dim.
  • Driveway and Walkway Lighting. LEDs are the perfect fit for lining walkways and driveways at night, creating an enchanting and inviting glow. Strips are easily installed on the edges of walkways, while independent lanterns or pendants can be placed in nearby vegetation or trees to create a wider radiance and add visual depth to a yard. Last but not least, the durability and long lasting nature of LEDs makes them a great fit for safety and security lighting.

LEDs are the premier lighting choice when it comes to energy efficiency, versatility, and cost saving. They are a powerful tool for any homeowner or landscape lighting designer, one that can enhance any home exterior or landscaping to new levels of both charm and security. When it comes to outdoor lighting, the world is a blank canvass—and LEDs are the perfect paint brush.

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