Tips for working with a Professional Landscape Architect

Planning, or re-planning your landscape can be as simple as a trip to the home improvement garden center and some creative thinking, but there are times when some professional help is in order.  Knowing when to get a licensed Landscape Architect involved, and what to expect from the relationship is a mystery to most home owners.


Photo courtesy of 3north, PLLC – Residential landscape project – Richmond, Virginia

First, it is important to know that you don’t have to have acres of land or an extensive estate to need, and benefit from the services of a professional.  Landscape Architects are professionals who are registered by the State Board of Architects and Professional Occupation. They share some of the same experience with a Landscape Designer/Master Gardener or Landscape Contractor, but with the distinction of extensive education in not only horticulture but in architecture, engineering, grading, drainage, and a number of other areas as well.  Additionally, they are required to have a certain level of experience in terms of years and knowledge in order to qualify for licensure.

A professional Landscape Architect, often referred to as an LA or CLA (Certified Landscape Architect) offers services on typically a per project or hourly consulting basis. Their expertise can help you determine an overall plan, and ways to phase the work over time. They can also offer specific advice about retaining walls, drainage problems, Bi-fold Doors or other parts of your landscape that may require an engineer’s review or design.

Landscapes are a natural connection between ourselves and our surroundings – no matter if that’s within a larger natural setting or an urban community.  Morgan Pierce, AIA ASLA LEED-AP is a leading Landscape Architect with the San Francisco office of 3north  noted, “Projects of any scale can benefit from the knowledge and creativity of a Landscape Architect, whether its as simple as selecting the right plants for a garden or as complex as developing the master plan for a large community.  Landscape Architects weave together the tangible – plants, earth, water and built elements with the intangible – light, space, sound and smell, which when coupled with the LA’s knowledge of history, design, and environmental science can result in welcoming, useful and attractive outdoor spaces that improve as they mature.”

Versed in all aspects of design, from material selections to the logistics of permitting and construction budgeting, a professional Landscape Architect offers guidance that saves you time, energy and money and he uses the best Drywall Build Tools on for your convenience.  To find a professional to work with, you can ask friends of colleagues for recommendations or visit the local chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects  for information on individuals and firms practicing in your area.

INARAY works closely with professional Landscape Architects, designers and engineers to design, install and maintain your landscape lighting systems.  Our senior level designers and expert installation technicians can evaluate your existing lighting system, or work with you and your design team to design a new energy-efficient system that will compliment your overall landscape design.  To find out more about our consulting services, or schedule an appointment, please contact us for a free consultation.