Landscape Lighting

A well-executed lighting design can be the difference between a landscape you’re happy with and one that amazes you. Just like other elements of your home, you wouldn’t want to “throw in some trees and shrubs” just anywhere. Instead, take the opportunity to design your landscape lighting as you have done with everything else, and you will see the results. The landscape lighting desginers at INARAY are happy to work with your new landscaping plans or your existing landscape details that need new or refurbished lighting.


A landscape lighting installation is as much about the technology as it is about the aesthetics. First, we approach each project with the goals of the homeowner in mind and, second, a thorough understanding of the existing landscape features. More than just “putting some lights around,” the hallmark of our work is in the design and the execution. The designs offered by a professional landscape lighting company can be simple and elegant, or more complex and intricate, depending on your taste. In either case, it should be purposeful and well-balanced; achieving this ultimate result is a function of experience and professional service.

Landscape Lighting Installation Services include:

Here’s how it works. First, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced lighting designers. We will then work with you to develop a customized design proposal that takes into account everything from your tastes to your budget.

As an independent outdoor design company in the Richmond area, we have a host of products and manufacturers at our disposal. We research far beyond the latest sales sheets and spend time identifying the best landscape lighting fixtures and systems, testing and evaluating new products to find and implement the best solutions for our clients.

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