Interior + Decorative Lighting

Interior + Decorative Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in designing a beautiful home. It should enhance colors, highlight architectural features, and showcase your art and furnishings. Traditional lighting can be poorly placed, unnecessarily large, and consume too much electricity. INARAY provides lighting that is well placed, tailored for your home, and designed to dim beautifully. You’ll work with an INARAY lighting designer on everything from conceptual designs to fixture selection as we transform your home to exude the atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of.

Not Salespeople, Experts Each designer is a specialist in one area, which makes for a seamless experience that is uniquely tailored to your needs. Multiple experts, same goal.

Adaptive Lighting  Traditional lighting is a fixed color tone that looks the same whether it’s daytime or evening. Adaptive lighting always looks good and changes without you needing to think about it. It makes your space feel cozy on a cloudy day and alive on a sunny day, and work with your circadian rhythms. INARAY introduced circadian lighting to Richmond (Ketra) nearly 10 years ago. Many projects later, we’ve been working with it and living with it- and see what a difference this solution can make.

Decorative Lighting  It’s a well-known idea that light fixtures are the “jewelry” of a room, but with so many options on the market it can be overwhelming to narrow down what fits your home and personal design style. Take the stress out of selecting fixtures that compliment your home.

Well-Placed  Conventional recessed lighting is often placed out in the room and lights only the floor. Rooms take on an elevated feel when illuminated from the outside in, focusing first on the walls.

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