Home Technology

Home Technology

Lighting Control Systems

Between recessed, cabinet, pendant and table lighting, modern homes have a lot of fixtures.  You have to manually turn on and adjust each light to get your rooms to feel just the way you want.

Our well-designed lighting control systems give you the ability to “turn on the room” with one touch, and schedule scenes that come on automatically to match your daily rhythms.


Window treatments add beauty to a room while controlling the natural light and blocking heat from entering your home – but only if you remember to raise and lower them.

Automated shades can be scheduled to lower at key times and raise at others. Modern and attuned to your daily rhythms, you can let the light shine in (when you want it to).

Climate Controls

Typical thermostats aren’t capable of intelligently managing temperatures or being accessed while you’re away from home.

Smart climate controls manage your heating and air conditioning system efficiently, and can be monitored or adjusted from just about anywhere.

Security and Surveillance

Conventional security systems attempt to capture images of intruders and store them for you to see later or perhaps alert you to a break in.

INARAY’s surveillance cameras track an intruder’s movement across your property and brings you real time video, notifications and communication.