Richmond, Va Holiday Lighting Trends With INARAY Designer Scott Moberly

Everyone shakes their head when Christmas decorations start appearing in stores before Labor Day, but if you’re serious about outdoor holiday décor, then it’s never quite too early to begin. Richmond, once a city where elegant white lights were the holiday norm, is now well known for the Tacky Lights Tour, and those folks are already busy stringing lights every weekend and scouring the big box stores for the latest in novelty decorations.


That may be the way you like to celebrate. But if you’d rather spend time enjoying the fall, going to football games or even shopping with the family, INARAY offers a complete turnkey holiday decorating service, in Richmond and Virginia Beach, that can be custom designed to meet your every holiday decorating wish.

INARAY lighting designer Scott Moberly says that INARAY designers will first meet with clients to determine the look they want for the holiday season. Moberly says “the designer will ask the client if they are looking for something that is fun and whimsical or whether they prefer a more classic design?”

From there, INARAY will develop a lighting design proposal to present to the client. The client can pick and choose from the design for the look that suits their taste and holiday budget.

Once the design is agreed upon, INARAY will start the installation process as early as the first of October. They offer an early bird discount for those coveted October spots.

In fact, most of their clients are returning clients because INARAY’s turnkey service removes the worry and work for the customer. INARAY will design and install the lighting. Over the course of the holiday season, they will service the lighting should anything become damaged or stop working. Most lighting designs are set up on a timer system so the owner doesn’t even have to worry about turning the switch. Then, when the holidays are over, they take down the display and place the items in their own storage for the next year. This is all included in the price.


As a part of the process, INARAY will purchase and install commercial quality lights. They can line roofs, shrubs, trees and more. They can also add daytime décor such as Garland and wreaths.

Moberly says that LED lights have dramatically changed the holiday decorating process. While the initial cost of LED lights is more, the use of these lights can reduce power usage to as little as one-seventh or even one-fifteenth of that consumed by regular incandescent bulbs.

Homeowners are also moving toward a selection of cooler light colors. Moberly says that holiday lighting no longer has to be limited to white lights or a combination of red and green. He says that the INARAY designers can combine various light colors for a desired effect. For example, the combination of warm white, cool white and amber lighting can create a champagne effect. Or using blues and greens together can give a Caribbean feel.

According to Moberly, “crazy trees are becoming more popular with customers.” Crazy trees consist of a combination of string lights and rope lights as well as more organic shapes and color balls. These are all hung together on one or more trees. Or for an equally stunning but more conventional look, INARAY can wrap an entire tree and its branches for an impressive display.


The possibilities for dramatic holiday lighting are endless. The only limitations are the client’s desires and budget. The professionals at INARAY are ready to work with those to make the customer’s holiday display inviting and memorable.

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