Custom Holiday Lighting for the Home Brings out Style and Spirit


Our job is to find out what makes the holiday lighting exciting to our clients, and then we build a design around those ideas.  These projects are about creating an atmosphere and sharing the joy of the season.  During the initial consultation, we listen carefully to the owner, and notice what words they use to describe what they like, or what they want the final design to represent.  Terms like Elegant, Traditional, Fun, Quirky or Modern help us start formulating the design, including color schemes, focal points or highlight areas.

Each home and landscape is unique, and each communicates something about the owner.  We work together to bring out their personality through the lights.  Roof line and ground-level stake lights are the two most important elements in a residential holiday lighting design.  These elements create an impact and help to shape the overall design.  Using the architecture and natural surroundings as our guide, we can integrate specific themes or features – candy canes, snowflakes, wreaths, or other holiday motifs.

Most people generally prefer white lights, which look amazing in the overall design, especially when you use a single color to create a focal point.  Take advantage of what the landscape already has to offer.  Arbors, statues, fountains or other features can be incorporated for a beautiful finishing touch.  Backyard areas can also be lit for the family to enjoy from picture windows all season long.


Additionally, keeping the viewing angle in mind is important.  Depending on the alignment of the property to the road, we tailor the design either vertically, horizontally or by using colors or outlining.  Looking up even a small hill to a home will often mean you don’t get to see much light on the ground, so instead we utilize vertical lines in the house, tall trees or other features.  In reverse, when looking at an angle down toward a house, the roof line might be overpowering, so instead we’ll create points of interest through the horizontal landscape to help round out the lighting.  To avoid the overall design looking square or too angular, we use outlining lights along flower beds, driveways or walks to break up hard roof lines, or to create pools of light. Just a reminder, be sure that your rain gutters are not stagnant with leaves or snow because it can cause electric reactions when attached to a peeled wires. As a solution to that problem, we have now what we call Leaf guards.

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