Drapery + Hardware

Drapery + Hardware

Customize Your Window Treatments for Optimal Comfort, Control, and Style

Window Treatment options include shades, blinds, shutters, drapery, top treatments, outdoor shades & screens, as well as window film.

For many homes and buildings, windows serve as key architectural features that elevate the overall appearance of your space. However, windows can compromise your privacy and safety and can be a source of excess glare and heat.

Let’s Talk Drapery

At INARAY, we offer a wide variety of drapery and top treatments. Each type comes in an assortment of fabrics and colors and can be customized for your home.

We also have a full array of drapery hardware choices.

With so many drapery options available, finding the perfect solution that complements your style and provides the level of control you desire can seem overwhelming.

Meet or Arrange a call with our Window Treatment Designers to explore style, fabric, hardware and automation options.


Talk to A Designer

Premium Quality Window Treatments

Using only the finest materials, our products address the lighting, privacy, and heat concerns of home and business owners throughout Virginia and the surrounding regions. Additionally, our automation solutions offer the ultimate control and convenience, allowing you to raise and lower your window treatments at the touch of a button or on a pre-programmed schedule. Whether you have a design in mind or are starting from scratch, our designers will work with you to create an innovative, comprehensive solution that will accentuate the style of your space.

Automate the Ambiance of Your Environment

Enjoy the convenience of total control over your space. Our automation offerings include your window treatments as well as lighting. Create the ambiance you desire with the click of a button or on a predetermined schedule.

Benefits of Automated Window Treatments

Automatic motorized blinds and window treatments are convenient for home and business owners.

Let’s say you have 5 windows in a room and you want to close or open your window treatments. You go to each one, one at a time to perform the open or close operation. This is no issue for a single window treatment, but what about when you have lots of windows? No way. Ever wonder why you pass a house with no one home and all the window treatments are open? The homeowner probably did not want to take the time to close each window treatment. With motorized window treatments, you can easily control any window treatment or group of window treatments at the push of a button, tick of a clock, change in sunlight, etc. Now that’s convenience!