Why INARAY offers two Outdoor Lighting Services

Why INARAY offers you two Outdoor Lighting Options


Why do we offer two options?

Because not all properties need the same amount of design time and expertise. Some need essential landscape lighting to make them warm and inviting, others could use a more in-depth approach to bring out the subtlety and nuance. A process more  like an Architect or other Design Professional would use.


How does design time and expertise apply to outdoor lighting?

Design time is a result of choices and choices in an outdoor lighting plan are dictated by the complexity of your home and its surroundings. The more complex the environment, the more possibilities and choices. These choices are the essence of design. Striking the fine balance between enough light and not too much, is an art, and not one easily learned. We’ve spent years mastering this process. Anyone can put a light under a tree but creating an atmosphere that “feels right” is a different story.


At Home Lighting Demonstration vs. Custom Lighting Design. A couple of examples.

A new colonial or craftsman-style home must take into account the finish of the home (siding, brick etc), walk ways and newly planted trees. These lighting choices, while important, are usually not to many, and they can be made with your INARAY designer during your first meeting.


A turn-of-the-century English Tudor on the other hand, set in a mature landscape with light color siding, dark brick and portions of the facade that protrude and recess, will require much more decision-making. The finishes vary and they react differently to light. There are various rooflines and resulting shadows to consider. A mature landscape with Legacy Oak trees, sizable Dogwoods, and Sidewalks that turn and change with the elevation can be illuminated a number of different ways. Traditional Path lighting, a Moonlight hidden in a discreet location 50′ in an Oak tree or with a small hanging light in a nearby Crape Myrtle. Sorting through these choices takes a little time and some experience to know what will look the best.


The new colonial is a great fit for an AT HOME OUTDOOR LIGHTING DEMONSTRATION. We can get right to it! We’ll take a look around, make some choices that accommodate what’s there and what might be changing over the next few years. This is where it’s important to have a company with the experience to know what happens down the road. New landscapes (3-5yrs old) change rapidly and it’s good to know that the small Leucothoe next to the foundation (yes, sorry, we have a Horticulture background) is going to quickly block a light if it’s placed to close.


The English Tudor may be a better fit for a CUSTOM OUTDOOR LIGHTING DESIGN. With a complex facade and mature landscape the choices can become more about what “not to light”. If we just put a light under every tree and on every part of the house, it could easily end up looking over done. A property that is about to have some a landscape renovations is another good candidate for the custom outdoor lighting design. Lots of planning and choices. Right up our alley. We regularly work on projects than span a year or two in the making.