Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Commercial outdoor lighting is a great way to bring a polished, professional and inviting feel to your storefront or office space. Various types of commercial outdoor lighting solutions are available for entryway and pathways, parking and security areas, landscape highlighting and focal point spot lighting for signs.

Atmosphere starts from the outside and your lighting should reflect the type of environment and ambiance of your business. INARAY offers a host of solutions for retail and dining areas that create curb appeal and take into account your businesses’ peak hours and your customer’s needs. Outdoor lighting for office and professional buildings helps tie the architectural design into the surrounding streetscape or community.

INARAY regularly consults with architectural and construction team to specify and install appropriate lighting systems that reflect the look and feel of a property while keeping energy and maintenance costs low. For projects in the design stage, please click here for more information on our consulting services. To schedule a free consultation and site visit for your existing office or retail location, please contact us to make an appointment.