Signs You Should Invest in Landscape Lighting for your Business

If you own a business, garden maintenance services most likely spend a lot of time thinking of ways to advertise. You may have considered installing a large lighted sign, one with a scrolling message for those passing by, or have even considered renting billboard space near the local interstate, it is also helpful to contact a company like the one from to get assistance on your business.


Advertising is certainly a major concern for most business owners, however, it’s not the only concern. Business owners may also worry about things like productivity, safety of personnel while at work and safety of the office location when not in use. Many of these concerns can be addressed by making an addition to your current landscaping. If you are wondering about the benefits of having landscaping lighting installed around your business, you would probably be interested in some of the signs that a business might benefit from such lighting.

Concerns about Security

Owning a business typically means that even though the office may be closed from a certain time in the evening until the next morning, the concerns about the business do not take any time off. Security is a major concern for most businesses, no matter what type of neighborhood they are located in.  According to a recent crime prevention booklet, most people believe that there is a direct link between more lighting and less crime. Also cited in this booklet is the fact that a combination of studies of the United States and the United Kingdom found that there was a 21% decrease in crime when lighting conditions were improved. The reason that the improved lighting also tends to increase security is understandable. Businesses that feature exterior landscape lighting will illuminate not only the plants, water features and trees. It will equally illuminate individuals that may be attempting to break into a building. When you are looking for tree trimming services golden co, visit for more info.

Concerns That Signs are not Visible Enough

Good signage is important for businesses. Some of the most eye catching business signage features a programmable scrolling message on an LED board. At a recent community meeting in Nashville, TN, citizens engaged in a debate over just such signage. While one participant gave statistics that proved that LED scrolling signs were more attention-grabbing and more visible than even neon signs, other participants had differing opinions. They claim that this type of sign is too distracting for many of the streets in the area.

Business owners concerned with having their signage seen and recognized often fall into the crosshairs of such public debate. In communities where you may not be allowed to use the most visible types of signage for your location, it may be beneficial to instead add landscape lighting to your property. Good landscape lighting can be used to accentuate the signs you currently own without disturbing the neighborhood in general. By having a sign that is lighted, your sign will move from being visible only in the daylight to being visible 24/7. One highly visible lawsuit in 2011 was filed after a man was beaten at Dodger Stadium. Antiquated lighting fixtures from 1962 were cited as part of the reason for the attack. Any business that fails to provide adequate outdoor lighting may, at some time, be held responsible for injuries that occur on their property. Landscape lighting provide adequate lighting that is aesthetically pleasing and will generally not bother the neighbors.

Concerns about Advertising Dollars

Owning a business is largely about attaining and retaining a customer base. There are many methods of advertising available. These vary from internet ads to large billboards, from ads printed in the newspaper to coupons that go out in the mail. One effective way to advertise is to have a business that people will be impressed by as they drive or walk by. Installing LED landscape lighting is a great way to present your business well in the light of day and in the dark. This type of lighting is very inexpensive to power and can make a great impression on potential customers.

Concerns about Safety of Personnel and Customers

If you have been worried about employees or customers who come and go from your business as dusk is falling, or after it gets dark, installing landscape lighting may be a great decision. Long gone are the times when farmers slept from sundown to sunup. Today, many businesses are open before the sun rises and well after dark. If you have customers and employees entering and exiting your place of business in the dark, you could be at risk of a lawsuit.

By installing adequate outdoor lighting, you may be able to increase safety, decrease the cost of future lawsuits and increase our visibility to potential customers as well. An investment into your business property is and investment into the success of your business.

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