Energy & Cost Benefits of Converting to LED Landscape Lighting

green energy concept, lightbulb with plant growing inside

From their first commercial uses in the 1960’s, LEDs (light-emitting diodes) have been constantly evolving and improving.  Initial applications were simple, red indicator lights on electronics.  The latest LED technology offers a broad range of colors and intensity levels with ever-increasing energy efficiency.

As the technology has progressed, the cost of LED lighting systems has decreased dramatically.  Applications that were once prohibitively expensive are now easily achievable, affordable and reliable.  Converting an existing outdoor lighting design to an LED system provides benefits beyond cost savings.

LED lamps for outdoor lighting require little on-going maintenance.  With an average lifespan of 50,000 hours, each lamp can burn up to 17 years in ideal conditions when running an average of eight hours per night.  Most importantly, the light out-put remains consistent throughout its lifespan and consumes as little as one-tenth of the energy used in typical outdoor halogen lamps.

An additional advantage of LED lamps, specific to outdoor lighting is that the surface temperature remains cool, allowing improved safety for ground-level lighting, and no energy loss due to heat.  LED lighting can be installed in landscape areas that are easily accessed by children or pets, where typical lighting would be hazardous.

Given the factors of energy cost and maintenance savings, the installation of new landscape lighting using LED lamps can pay for itself within one year.  Converting an outdoor lighting system with LED lamps can recoup its cost in just two years.

For more information and to discuss conversion or a new LED system for your landscape or architectural outdoor lighting, please contact INARAY for a free consultation.  The professional outdoor lighting team can demonstrate some of the latest in LED technologies, and work with you to explore the possibilities of LED applications for your home.