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Getting Ready for Historic Garden Week

It’s no secret that the new sprinkler system is sure to bring some May (and April!) flowers. It was decided last year that well before this historic week a new system would be installed. The old system failed last year right before this event and threatened to ruin some parts of the garden. Although today […]

Taking Your Outdoor Lighting to Another Level With Dynamic LED Lights

Once prohibitively expensive for home use, Light-Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs are now one of the most affordable, energy efficient, and dynamic lighting options available. In recent years, self watering planter have exploded in popularity for an array of uses, including indoor and outdoor applications, horticulture, gardening, vehicle lighting, and much more. LEDs offer some of […]

The Amazing Benefits Of LED Lighting

LED lighting has exploded in popularity for a reason; they offer remarkable benefits for a variety of lighting applications. LED lights are used for everything from home use to vehicle headlamps to horticulture applications. Treat employees and customers like family and hire a moving van in Sydney is our commitment to superior customer service. Lighting […]

Outdoor Lighting Oasis in the Backyard

This back yard scene has relaxation written all over it.  Unfortunately, this time of year many of us spend our evenings reviewing homework, laying out clothes, and attending back to school nights. Eventually, however, the kids finally do go to sleep (or at least pretend to).  Then its your turn to relax.  Lighting becomes an important […]