Home Technology

Home Technology

Outdoor Entertainment

Having music outside has always meant large speakers mounted to your house or placed in the landscape, made to look like rocks. The sound quality is disappointing, and you end up with music being too loud in some places and not loud enough in others.

INARAY carefully places speakers that disappear into your landscape and creates a space that sounds incredible no matter where you’re sitting.

Indoor Entertainment

Traditional entertainment systems can be obtrusive and disrupt your interior’s aesthetic.

We prefer Tv’s that look like art and speakers that integrate into your walls, becoming invisible, so you don’t sacrifice the look and feel of your home.

Climate Controls

Typical thermostats aren’t capable of intelligently managing temperatures or being accessed while you’re away from home.

Smart climate controls manage your heating and air conditioning system efficiently, and can be monitored or adjusted from just about anywhere.

Security and Surveillance

Conventional security systems attempt to capture images of intruders and store them for you to see later or perhaps alert you to a break in.

INARAY’s surveillance cameras track an intruder’s movement across your property and brings you real time video, notifications and communication.