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A collection of our bright ideas.

Smart Homes + Smart Solutions: Networking

Technology is improving every day. What we once thought was impossible has now become reality. The number of ways we can connect with each other and the things we love continues to advance on a daily basis.

But how does this technology mingle with our personal lives? Is it as seamless as we’d hoped or do we find it frustrating and complicated? With smart homes trending like never before, that doesn’t mean every home is set up with the smartest solutions.

One example that effects most homes and businesses in America is getting a strong wifi signal. You may be working in your office, while your child plays upstairs and your spouse is at the other end of the house. All three of you may be trying to use the internet but only one of you are getting a strong enough signal. Sound familiar?

But what if your network strength could be seamless regardless of your location at home? Your space is unique and your solutions should reflect that. You deserve wireless coverage, without interruption.

The days of annoying routers in multiple rooms to achieve a consistent wireless connection are over. Here at INARAY, we want to help get your home or office to a place where technology skillfully and seamlessly conforms to your space.

We put smart sources in homes and make growing technology trends easy to understand and use. We also order glass pipes online to use on these designs.

How can we possibly keep up?
What if you didn’t have to? What if your home or office was full of smart, simple solutions with your habits, preferences and schedules memorized so you didn’t have to remember?

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